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 Panophobic application --- ACCEPTED

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PostSubject: Panophobic application --- ACCEPTED   October 19th 2013, 03:18

-IG Name: Panophobic
-IG Name of all other Characters you use/have: Nyct, Sociophobic, WellWhatever, UAPhobic, Agoraphobic, and a bunch of other 100-150 chars, but I mostly play Panophobic
-Level: 170
-Job: Hero
-Guild: No current guild

-Name: Jorgen/Jorg
-Age: 18
-Gender: Male
-Location: Norway

-List of previous Guilds: Blasphemy
-Reason for Leaving/Being kicked from previous Guilds: It died :(RIP

-How long have you been playing Maplestory?: Since '07
-How much time do you spend playing maplestory on average per week?: Anywhere from 5-30 depending on home work

-How did you find our Forum?: I was looking for a nice guild, and left the title of my shop "J> Guild", and was told I could maybe join Verum. A quick google search, and I found the forum.
-Do you know any Member of Verum?: No, but MSXenon was the one who directed me
-Why do you want to join Verum?: It seemed like a nice and friendly guild from the Maple forum thread and I really like the name.

-Any past/present history related to Hacks and/or Scams? Explain if so: I scammed someone for 1m back in 2007 :/ I was 12 and didn't know better ... Nothing since then
-Your opinion regarding duped gears, hacks and scamming?: I avoid duped gears, and I really dislike people who hack or scam. They ruin the fun for everyone else.
-How do you gain mesos/Fund yourself?: I get most of my funding from selling nx, do some bossing as well.

-Tell us something about yourself: I'm going to study phys/math next year at uni. I enjoy any music, from dubstep to classic to death metal. I watch a ton of movies and TV series.

-Why should we invite you into the guild?: I'm friendly, positive, I enjoy just hanging out with people and chatting. I'm calm and mature, but late at night I might get a little bit hyper hehe

Hope you accept me Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Panophobic application --- ACCEPTED   October 19th 2013, 05:38

I like your application Smile
You can stop by our GFM (guild fm) which is Ch6 FM1 or whisp me In game, i'd like to talk to you to get to know you better.
My IGN's are : MercedeShoot and Dem0nSh00t
those are the character I mostly play on.

Verv Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Panophobic application --- ACCEPTED   October 19th 2013, 07:17

Hi Jorg, i like your application. U really look like a nice guy Wink
So it's YES for me Smile
i hope il see u ingame Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Panophobic application --- ACCEPTED   October 20th 2013, 01:27

Ey Jorg,

That 1mil scam in the days isn't the problem i think alot off people did that at there noob time.
Its a YES for me but i hope to talk to you in ms as well realy soon

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PostSubject: Re: Panophobic application --- ACCEPTED   October 21st 2013, 04:24

Hey Jorg,
I dont understand that u could stay in one guild not not any others. You must be very loyal. I was like you when i didnt know better. i scammed ppl for 1m in my whole maplestory game time(im not good at scamming) But when i was able to gain money of different items, i wanted to get rid of all my scamming moments. So i helped people until i got poor as f**k. But it made me happy.
Iwould gladly accept one who feels things the same way i do.
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PostSubject: Re: Panophobic application --- ACCEPTED   

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Panophobic application --- ACCEPTED
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