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September 2019



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PostSubject: Application   Application EmptyNovember 30th 2013, 03:28

Hello honourable guild members of Verum!

-IG Name: IShinyApple
-IG Name of all other Characters you use/have: IShinyApple, PiratPjuske
-Level: 132, 120(max)
-Job: Mercedes, Striker
-Guild: No current guild

-Name: Bjarke
-Age: 19
-Gender: Male
-Location: Denmark

-List of previous Guilds: DanishViking, BlazeDK
-Reason for Leaving/Being kicked from previous Guilds: Being alot in-active the past 3 years, while studying and playing other games.

-How long have you been playing Maplestory?: Around 6-7 years.
-How much time do you spend playing maplestory on average per week?: The average is pretty hard to state, as I've been playing periodicly the past many years. Though in times of activity it would probably be around 10-20 hours a week, maybe even more.

-How did you find our Forum?: Through the MSE guild recruitment forum.
-Do you know any Member of Verum?: None.
-Why do you want to join Verum?: I feel the needs for social activities while playing MapleStory. I wish to have some to talk to, to ask questions, to help me out on my tasks et cetera.

-Any past/present history related to Hacks and/or Scams? Explain if so: I've been scammed alot in my young age, LOL.
-Your opinion regarding duped gears, hacks and scamming?:
Scamming: Scamming is crueful, especially considering the amount of youngsters playing this game.
Duped Gear: Duped gear is an unfortunate aspect of the game, as Nexon tends to punish those who've bought such with good intention, therefore being a sad aspect of the game.
Hacks: That really depends alot of which given hack It'd be.
         User Hacking: Cruelty. Alot of effort and mind given into the unique character of yours, gone in seconds. (I've been hacked myself)
         Hacking for boosting the gameexperience; like vaccum hacks, flying hacks, levelinghacks et cetera, is not a big deal, which i do not see as a major problem.
-How do you gain mesos/Fund yourself?: Well, with alot of time played MapleStory in the past, i tend to have alot of semirare items, which i gain some profit for. Highlevel equips from monsterdrops may fund me too.

-Tell us something about yourself:
Well, I'm Bjarke. Boy at 19 years old (soon 20), currently studying Computer Science at Copenhagen University.
In my sparetime (as If I'm not busy studying/attending lectures) I play a few computer games; MapleStory, Heroes of Newerth.
Believe it or not, i live in a big gamerhouse with 4 guys (around 20), close to my Institute. I also workout in the local gym and watch anime as well.

-Why should we invite you into the guild?: I believe that you won't benifit much from having me in the guild, though It's my own wish to join it as stated above under the "Why do you want to join Verum?" question.

Thanks for taking your time to read my application.
Best regards, me.
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application EmptyNovember 30th 2013, 07:07

Hey Bjarke looks like a nice application.
You should come by our GFM (ch6 fm1) sometimes to learn the people Smile

Greetz Thomas
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application EmptyDecember 1st 2013, 02:24

Hey Bjarke,

Seem like a nice guy, you should drop by the GFM and have a chat with us Smile

See you there
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Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application   Application EmptyDecember 2nd 2013, 06:16

hey Bjarke,

you seem to be a nice guy, and your application is great.
though you need to elaborate on one part of it, namely this:"

Pjuske wrote:

         Hacking for boosting the gameexperience; like vaccum hacks, flying hacks, levelinghacks et cetera, is not a big deal, which i do not see as a major problem.
what do you mean with: "is not a big deal, which i do not see as a major problem."?
I mean hacking gives other people unfair advantages, like:
-being able to level faster,
-not dying,
-or killing bosses which legitimate people can't kill so, they can get items that legitimate players can't get.

to me this seems like a rather big problem, right?

if you can elaborate on this, and if you can meet me ingame sometime (my IGN's =  MercedeShoot  //  Dem0nSh00t )
i will add you to the guild as a trial member ;P.

looking forward to meet you ingame.

kind regards,
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application EmptyDecember 3rd 2013, 02:14

Hmm very nice apply, I can relate to quite some things (also the hacking part)
Tho i want to get one thing clear... The part where you stated you don't find hacking bad as long as it isn't account hacking, I hope u don't do this yourself? cause we're anti hacking in any way or form
even if it's harmless and useless and only for fun

Hope to see a response soon

Altogether i do think you are a good candidate and if you could contact either fawxco/MercedeShoot/PhantomSteal then we can add you to the guild for a trial period

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application Empty

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