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 Guild Rules

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Guild Rules  Empty
PostSubject: Guild Rules    Guild Rules  EmptySeptember 24th 2013, 02:38

Guild Rules!

We want our members to respect other members,
but just as important, non-members too! not only
because it's the right thing to do, but also to remain
a good image as a guild.

as the title says, being friendly is very important to us.

No hacking / scamming / duping!
Hacking, scamming and duping are OUT OF THE QUESTION!
if you are caught with proof, you will be expelled without
notice, and be added to the "named & shamed"-thread.
If you happen to have a heavily duplicated item, you will
get a fair and reasonable amount of time to get the item
sold and replaced with a legit item.

Being active doesn't only mean you have to be online
ingame, it also means you'll have to occasionally post
something on the forum, and check the forum at least
every day for notices.

maturity is required from our members, so don't chat or
post immature things like porn or flaming/spamming.
also don't beg for mesos <3

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Guild Rules
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