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September 2019


 About us

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PostSubject: About us   About us EmptySeptember 24th 2013, 02:37

about Verum
Verum is a guild created on september 22nd 2013
The name 'Verum' is latin and means honour/truth/sincere.
especially the second one 'truth' and the third one 'sincere' are very important to us.
truth most often means in accord with fact and reality, or fidelity to an original, standard or ideal.
sincerity also is a very important trait.
being sincere in other words being loyal, honest and genuine,
means you are open to yourself but also to others.
if either truth or sincerity lacks or isn't sufficiently present,
a community like ours can't interconnect!


If you meet the following requirements, DO NOT HESITATE TO APPLY!!!

.            .            • A solid understanding of English
.            .            • Friendly, active, and Mature
.            .            • No history of hacking or Scamming
.            .            • Loyalty and dedication
.            .            • Level 140+ (140- can join our JR-guild)
.            .            • Age of 14+
.            .            • Treat others as you want to be treated

See the guild rules here:

Anyone is welcome in our guild as long as they meet the requirements and are fairly active.

You can join Verum by writing an application here:

In order to have a good chance to get accepted in our guild,
you need to be yourself, and put enough effort into your application! If you want, you can come by our GFM (CH7 FM1),
if noone appears to be there, you can either contact MercedeShoot, Phantomsteal, or BattleDry.
they can hold a talk with you and/or invite you to the guild if you have passed your application ;D. Good luck!

Guild Ranks
Emperor = Guild Master
King = Jr Master
Prince = Senior Member
Duke = Passed Trial/Junior Member
MrHands = Trial Member

Guild Leaders
  About us 9leaokMercedeShoot (Verv)

  About us 2w3ruz8Phantomsteal (John)*

About us 21crvag BattleDRY (Jojo)

*( Phantomsteal (John) = Jr-master too to practice out his Co-leadership)
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About us
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